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Population growth across Australia is causing our coastal cities to become more densely populated. As a consequence block splitting and subdividing of larger sites is becoming increasingly popular. Houses built on double titles or corner blocks are either being relocated to one side or being demolished altogether. As a result we are seeing more and more small lots across Brisbane's inner suburbs become available for development.

Brisbane City Council defines a Small Lot as;

A lot which is:
(a) less than 450m2; or
(b) a rear lot of less than 600m2 excluding an access way.

Check out Brisbane City Council's City Plan for more information on small lot home design.


Small lot home design can be a challenge when it comes to complying with council requirements and making the most of a small site. Our extensive experience in small lot home design will ensure that the limited area of your site is developed to maximise it’s potential.

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Small Lot Home Design | Brisbane

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