Sustainable Housing

Leading Brisbane residential design specialist Blue Planet Design are the experts in Sustainable Housing Design.

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing is defined as more socially, environmentally and also economically responsible in comparison to standard housing. The sustainability is achieved through the design, plan and also building dwellings, thus creating a more liveable, comfortable, accessible, healthy as well as responsive environment. In addition to this, sustainable housing proves to be considerably more cost effective in the long term.

Social Sustainability

Sustainable homes are designed with the purpose of people in mind, including occupants as well as guests. With the inclusion of features such as access, safety, and security, sustainable homes are able to accommodate peoples’ needs for not only now but also into the future.

Environmentally Sustainability

Sustainable homes are more resource efficient in comparison to standard homes by considering water, energy and also waste. They minimise the impact on the environment by incorporating features such as rainwater tanks, greenhouse efficient hot water systems, as well as passive solar design for local climate (ie. orientation, ventilation, insulation, shading and materials).

Economic Sustainability

Sustainable homes are more cost-effective over time. They feature quality design and use low-maintenance materials and appliances with high water and energy-star ratings to reduce ongoing costs of running the home.

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