New Homes Design

Leading Brisbane residential design specialist Blue Planet Design are the experts in New Home Building Design.

Single Storey Homes

A single storey home is a house that is built on the one level. They can be a great choice for families with small children or the elderly as there are no internal stairs to navigate and therefore reducing the risks of tripping and falling. A single storey new home building design is best suited to larger blocks of land or those wanting a smaller home.

Passive Solar Design

A house can function to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer through the use of spaces and suitable materials. This is commonly called passive solar design because the house doesn’t have to do anything to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. It maintains comfortable internal temperatures just by virtue of its design.

Multi-Storey Homes

A multi-storey home is a house that is built on two or more levels. This type of new home building design is usually suited to smaller blocks as more living area can be accommodated within the limited area of your site.

Houses in Flood Prone Areas

Many areas in Brisbane are subject to flooding either by creek flooding, river flooding or storm tide flooding. Council requires houses built in these areas to have an immunity to a 1 in 100 year flooding event. Blue Planet Design will work in association with a qualified engineer to determine the minimum habitable floor level of your new home.

Split Level Homes

A split level home is a house that is usually built on a sloping site where the different floor levels are connected by short flights of steps as the house follows the slope of the land. These types of homes can either be of single storey or multi-level construction and can be a good solution to keep the house below the maximum 8.5m height required by council.

Houses within a path of Overland Flow

Overland flow flooding is water that runs across the land after rain. Council requires houses built in these overland flow paths to have an immunity to a 1 in 100 year flooding event. Blue Planet Design will with work in association with a qualified engineer to determine the minimum habitable floor level of your new home.

Houses on Sloping and difficult Sites

Building on a sloping and/or difficult site can be complex to design and typically can be either single storey, multi-storey or split level construction or a combination of all three. Most project home builders will not want to build on a sloping site unless it has been either excavated or cut and filled. The standard project home designs offered by project home builders usually require a level platform to suit the construction of a concrete slab on ground. Blue Planet Design has extensive experience in designing homes on sloping and difficult sites whether it be just a gentle slope or something more challenging.

Houses in Traditional Building Character Areas

Brisbane City Council requires all homes built within traditional building character areas to be designed in accordance with the Residential Design – Character Code. Blue Planet Design can create your new home building design to comply with the Character Code and also arrange submission of the required development application.

Sustainable Houses

Sustainable Housing is defined as designing, planning and building dwellings to make them more socially, environmentally and economically responsible. The sustainable new home building design creates a more liveable, comfortable, accessible, healthy, responsive environment, as well as being cost effective in the long term.

Small Lot Homes

Brisbane City Council defines a Small Lot as a lot which is less than 450m2 or a rear lot of less than 600m2 excluding an access way.
Designing a home on a small lot presents its own set of special challenges and council requirements. Our extensive experience in designing small lot homes will ensure that the limited area of your site is developed to maximise its possibilities.

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