What We Do

We are your leading Brisbane Residential Design Specialist.

Blue Planet Design is a building design practice committed to achieving client satisfaction through creative, innovative, practical and cost effective design solutions. We are located in Brisbane and service clients within the metropolitan and surrounding areas.

As a member of the Building Designer’s Association of Queensland we adhere to the association’s code of ethics. Our ongoing commitment to offer our clients high quality affordable service starts from the initial concept design right through to construction documentation and building approval.

We enjoy holding a good reputation through being well regarded for many years by clients, builders and consultants alike.

Blue Planet Design is certified by the Building Designer’s Association of Australia and also as an Eco-Design Smart Building Designer. In addition to this, we are fully licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Our Services

Blue Planet Design are the leading Brisbane residential design specialists in design and documentation of all types of residential building projects.


Sustainable Housing

Blue Planet Design designs, plans and builds dwellings which make them not only more socially and environmentally responsible, but more economical.


New Homes

Blue Planet Design specialises in the design and documentation of all types of new homes. Designs include Single Story, Multi-Storey, Split Level and...


Small Lot Homes

Our extensive experience in designing Small Lot homes will ensure that the limited area of your site is developed to maximise it’s possibilities.


Extensions and Renovations

Blue Planet Design are specialists in designing home renovations and extensions. Deck, Carport, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Granny Flats...


House Raising and Build-in-Under

Lifting and building-in-under is a great way to double your floor area without sacrificing yard space. Whether a traditional Queenslander or post war... 


Sloping and Difficult Sites

When it comes to homes and extensions on sloping and difficult sites, Blue Planet Design are the expert building designers.

Your design specialists

Please feel free to contact Blue Planet Design, the leading Brisbane residential design team, to arrange an initial consultation. At the same time we will discuss ideas for your project, the services we offer and also the processes involved in getting your future building project off the ground.

Residential Design Specialists

Blue Planet Design are the leading Brisbane residential design specialists in design and documentation of all types of residential building projects including:

  • Sustainable Housing
  • New Homes
  • Small Lot Homes
  • Extensions and Renovations
  • House Raising and Build-in-Under
  • Sloping and Difficult Sites

Blue Planet Design will develop a unique design for your building project while taking into account your sites own distinctive characteristics and complexities. And with this in mind we ensure to maximise all available possibilities to give you the best design outcome. Your lifestyle, ideas, tastes, budget, as well as the potential resale value of your property, are also taken into consideration regarding your building design.

As the leading Brisbane residential design specialists, our aim is to take all the hard work and confusion out of coordinating and managing the many different aspects of designing and documenting a building project by:

  • Assessing and complying with all local council, state and national building regulation requirements.
  • Engaging and managing external consultants such as surveyors, town planners, energy efficiency assessors, structural engineers and building certifiers.
  • Arranging applications for local council approvals.
  • Assisting in the selection of materials, fixtures, finishes and colours.
  • Preparing building plans and documentation for building approval, tendering and construction.
  • Being available to the client, builder, and consultants during the construction and throughout the approval processes.

Initial Consultation

Blue Planet Design, your leading Brisbane residential design team, offers a no obligation initial consultation. At this time we discuss with you your project and the extent of services to be provided. We are then able to provide you with a written fee proposal once the scope of work is established. Our fees for your project are either determined as a percentage of the estimated construction budget or at a fixed price lump sum. Alternatively our fees can be offered to you at a calculated hourly rate.

All relevant council searches will be carried out by Blue Planet Design before the initial meeting. This will determine what conditions apply to your property including:

  • Zoning.
  • Planning constraints.
  • Flooding information including overland flow.
  • Locations of existing council services including sewer, stormwater and also water.

During the initial consultation we can advise you on the feasibility of your ideas. At this time we also offer design advice and advise on what council constraints and conditions apply to your property.

The Process

Typically a project is broken down into a two stage process. First is the Sketch Design Phase where design ideas are explored and documented. The second stage is the Working Documentation Phase where these sketch design drawings are further developed into working drawings. These working drawing will be submitted in order to obtain building approval submissions, tendering and construction.

Sketch Design Phase

Design Brief

Once Blue Planet Design has been engaged it may be necessary to discuss all requirements of your building project building in further detail. This information is in addition on what was discussed during the initial consultation.

Contour and Detail Survey

Depending upon the type and complexity of the project it may be necessary to engage a Registered Surveyor to carry out a contour and detail survey of the property. If this service is required, Blue Planet Design can then arrange for quotes and also engage a Licensed Surveyor on your behalf.

Measured survey of existing buildings

If the project involves additions or alterations to an existing building, then a measured and photographic survey of the existing buildings will need to be carried out by Blue Planet Design. A measured survey of the existing building is done in order to establish the over all dimensions and heights of each room, locations of doors, windows, relevant fixtures as well as other features.

Assessment of local building regulations and codes

Prior to starting the sketch design phase of the project, a preliminary assessment of the local authority building regulations and codes will need to be carried out. The reason for this necessary step is to determine what restrictions apply to the building project.

Site analysis including locations of existing services

Every building site has it own unique characteristics and complexities. For us to maximise the possibilities of the site, a site analysis is undertaken to necessarily establish what these characteristics and complexities are. Blue Planet Design will conduct council searches as required to determine approximate locations of existing services including sewer, storm water, water and the like.

Sketch Design Documentation

Sketch design documentation will be prepared based on the design brief and also the preliminary findings. These necessary documents are used to communicate the design to the client. In addition, the sketch design documentation will form a basis for further discussion and also any necessary design refinement.

Three Dimensional / Graphic Presentations

A 3D presentation is used to further communicate the evolving design to the client. This 3D presentation occurs during the same time as the sketch design phase.

Design Development

Any further sketch design refinements will occur post client approval. From here, the sketch design will be used in any required Town Planning applications, as well as siting variation applications. Further use of the design will be used in addition for obtaining fee proposals from secondary consultants such as structural engineers and also building certifiers.

Development Application

In the case where a development application may required, we will engage and also liaise with a Town Planning Consultant. We will act on your behalf as well as prepare the appropriate drawings for council submission.

Working Documentation Phase

Engagement of Consultants

In order to complete the working documentation phase, the engagement of additional consultants such as a Structural Engineer and also a Building Certifier may be required at that time. For this purpose Blue Planet Design will then obtain fee proposals from suitably qualified consultants and also engage them on your behalf.

Working Documentation

Working documentation will be prepared based on the approved Sketch Design for the purposes of tendering, building approval and construction. These documents will also comply with the Building Code of Australia, local authority building codes and the relevant Australian Standards etc.

Building Approval

Blue Planet Design will prepare as well as submit all appropriate documentation to the Building Certifier for the purpose of obtaining Building Approval. In addition, any requests for information during the approval process will also be responded to.

Construction Stage

Blue Planet Design can be available throughout the construction stage of the project, enabling the opportunity to liaise with the builder, client, building certifierstructural engineer and other consultants. Any additional site visits or documentation during the construction stage may also incur extra charges. In this case fees for these additions will be charged on an hourly rate basis.