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House Extensions and House Renovations | Brisbane

House extension and house renovation design specialists

Poorly designed house extensions and house renovations can destroy the flow and resale value of a home. Therefore it is vital to engage a building designer with the right experience. Our principal building designer Scott Dawson has over 25 years experience in the design of house extensions and house renovations.

A well designed house extension or house renovation needs to enhance the existing home and not have a detrimental impact on it's use. Therefore it is essential to ensure that these new areas connect well with the existing spaces to create a flow that has a positive impact on its inhabitants.

Large house extensions and house renovations

Blue Planet Design are residential house extensions and house renovations specialists, regularly undertaking large scale projects throughout the Brisbane area. Common examples of these larger scale projects include house raising and build under, master bedroom suites, open plan living / dining / kitchen areas and granny flat extensions.

Small house extensions and house renovations

We not only take on large scale projects, but also the smaller ones which can be equally important when it comes to enhancing the use of your existing home. Common examples of these smaller scale projects include home offices, decks, carports, bedrooms, pool houses, studios, bathrooms and garage extensions.

Reconfiguring and renovation of older homes

Another facet to the work we undertake is the reconfiguration of existing homes which may need fixing due to a past house extensions or house renovations disaster. Similarly some older homes which have been added onto numerous times over the years can loose their way and end up being a mismatched hotchpotch of add ons. In these types of cases Blue Planet Design can offer constructive advice and creative design solutions to solve these and other types of similar issues.

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House Extensions and House Renovations

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