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Blue Planet Design - your residential building design specialist will manage and co-ordinate the work of any consultants that may be required for your project.
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Consultants | Who are they and what is their role?

Building Designer | principal consultant

As your building designer we act on your behalf as the principal consultant and manage and coordinate the services of all other consultants required for the project. Mandatory licensing in Queensland require that all building designers be licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission commonly known as the QBCC. It is unlawful for someone to offer building design and drafting services without holding the appropriate class of license.


Surveyors also known as cadastral surveyors are experts at measurement and use mathematics and specialised equipment to measure, analyse and present information about your property. Surveyors use their skills to carry out such work as determining property boundaries , preparing contour plans or setting out on a building site.

Consulting cadastral surveyors offering services to the public are required be registered with the  Surveyors Board of Queensland.

Building designers generally use surveyors to prepare contour and detail surveys of your property. These contour and details surveys show detailed information like ground contours and levels, locations and heights of existing structures, locations of sewer and stormwater infrastructure, locations of neighbouring buildings, vegetation and other site features.

Blue Planet Design regular works in association with AJS  Surveys Pty Ltd and Site Surveys.

Town Planner

Building and development in Queensland is controlled and directed by the local council and their planning scheme. A planning scheme sets out what you and your neighbours can build and shows where new development should go. Town planners generally prepare and lodge development applications to local councils as consultants on behalf of their clients. Although most projects won't require a the services of a town planning consultant, some projects will require a development approval before any building work can take place.

Blue Planet Design regular works in association with ASI Planning.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineering involves the analysis and design of structural components within buildings. The structural engineer designs and documents these individual components to ensure your building is structurally safe and complies with the relevant Australian Standards. They also arrange for soil testing which forms the basis for the design of in-ground structures such as concrete slabs and footings.

It is a requirement that all professional engineering in Queensland be carried out by a RPEQ (registered professional engineer, Queensland) who is registered by the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland.

Your building designer will manage and co-ordinate the services of the structural engineer to ensure the design aesthetic of your building is not compromised.

Blue Planet Design regular works in association with AD Structure.

Energy Efficiency Assessor

An energy efficiency assessor is a professional who assessors a building against a criteria of energy efficiency requirements required by the National Construction Code (NCC) and the Queensland Development Code (QDC).

Construction of new homes and some alterations and additions to existing homes are required to comply with these provisions in order to obtain building approval. An energy assessor will look primarily at the thermal performance of a building taking into account insulation, glazing, air movement and ventilation and issue a report.

Blue Planet Design regular works in association with House of Stars.

Building Certifier

A building certifier is a professional who issues building approvals or building permits to enable building to commence on your site.

Building approval may require supplementary applications to be made such as siting variations, plumbing applications or build over sewer / stormwater applications. Applications such as these can be prepared and submitted to the local authority by your building certifier as part of their work.

The building certifier will ensure your development complies with the appropriate State Government Acts and Regulations, local laws, building codes and standards. They will also carry out inspections during the construction process to ensure the building work is in accordance with the approved plans.

Like building designers, all building certifiers in Queensland are required to be licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Blue Planet Design regular works in association with Cornerstone Building Certification

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Residential Building Design Specialist

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