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Building Design Process Explained

Building design is a complex process that requires careful planning, coordination, and creativity. In this blog article, we will explore the building design process and draw inspiration from the comprehensive services offered by Blue Planet Design, a professional building design and drafting company based in Brisbane.

Initial Consultation

Blue Planet Design offers a no-obligation initial consultation, wherein their principal building designer, Scott Dawson, personally meets with clients on the project site. During this meeting, the project and its requirements are discussed in detail, and any existing conditions or constraints are thoroughly researched. This research includes an analysis of council planning conditions, flood information, and service locations.

Fee Proposal and Design Brief

Following the initial consultation, Blue Planet Design promptly prepares a fee proposal for the client’s consideration. This proposal includes a written scope of work and a design brief, which outlines the extent of their services and sets parameters for the project. Blue Planet Design strives to provide high-quality building design and drafting services at a reasonable price, and they are willing to match genuine competitors’ written fee proposals or quotations.

Concept Design and Development

Blue Planet Design starts the design process by preparing a concept design, usually presented as a freehand sketch. This design focuses on the building layout and allows tangible ideas to be communicated to the client without getting too detailed. Client input is then incorporated, and the design is further developed into formal sketch design drawings, including floor plans, external elevations, and 3D views.

Design Development

To ensure their designs are accurately communicated to clients, Blue Planet Design utilises the latest architectural 3D modeling software. This interactive 3D virtual environment allows clients to explore and view their new design in its truest form, providing a comprehensive visualisation of the final outcome.

Working Drawings

Based on the approved sketch design, working drawings are prepared by Blue Planet Design for the purpose of obtaining building approval, builder quotes, and ultimately, construction. These working drawings comply with the Building Code of Australia, local authority building codes, and relevant Australian standards.

Coordinating Consultants and Approvals

Blue Planet Design takes charge of managing and coordinating the work of any necessary consultants, such as surveyors, town planners, structural engineers, energy assessors, and building certifiers. They also handle all the approvals required for the project, ranging from council development or planning applications to building applications and siting variations.

Construction Stage

During the construction stage, Blue Planet Design can be available to liaise with the builder, client, building certifiers, structural engineers, and other consultants. Additional site visits or documentation during this stage may incur additional charges.


The building design process encompasses various stages, from the initial consultation to the construction phase. Blue Planet Design, with their expertise and attention to detail, ensures a smooth and successful outcome for their clients. By implementing the latest technologies and collaborating with a network of quality consultants, they deliver high-quality building design and drafting services in Brisbane.

If you are planning a building project, consider reaching out to Blue Planet Design for an initial consultation to discover how they can help transform your vision into a reality.

Contact our principal building designer Scott Dawson on 0404 816 732 or for more information.

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