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About Us


Blue Planet Design is a small residential building design practice committed to achieving client satisfaction through creative, innovative, practical and cost effective design solutions. We are specialists in the design of all types of residential projects whether it be a new home design or the design of an extension to your existing home. We have extensive experience with all kinds of building sites ranging from house designs on small lots to steeply sloping sites and everything in between. We not only design your new home and extension, but also prepare design drawings and house plans for the purposes of tendering, building approval and construction.

Blue Planet Design offers a complete service from initial concept right through to obtaining building approval and if you don't know any builders we can help with that as well.

Our Services

Blue Planet Design are Specialists in the design and documentation of all types of residential building projects including:


Sustainable Housing

Designing, planning and building dwellings to make them more socially, environmentally and economically responsible. Practically, this means they...


New Homes

Blue Planet Design specialises in the design and documentation of all types of new homes including: Single Storey, Multi-Storey, Split Level...


Small Lot Homes

Our extensive experience in designing Small Lot homes will ensure that the limited area of your site is developed to maximise it’s possibilities.


Extensions and Renovations

Blue Planet Design are specialists when it comes to extending or renovating your home including: Deck, Carport, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Granny Flats...


House Raising and Build-in-Under

Whether it be a traditional Queenslander or post war home, lifting and building-in-under is a great way to double your floor area...


Sloping and Difficult Sites

Blue Planet Design specialises in designing homes and extensions on sloping and difficult sites whether it be multi-level, single level, or split level...

Your design specialists

Blue Planet Design - creative, innovative and practical designs

Clients Testimonials

Testimonials and Media Highlights


“We used Blue Planet Design for our recent renovation. Scott was a pleasure to work with, always on time and”...

David and Maxine

Wavell Heights

….”thanks very much for all the work you’ve done on the house. We’re extremely happy with the plans and"…

Catherine and Mark

Petrie Terrace

“We recently put in a pool, a deck and a new carport in our front yard and contracted Blue Planet Design to draft”...

Chris and Tracy


Cutting Edge Technology

We also keep up to date with the latest technology when it comes to communicating our house designs with clients. Utilising the latest in architectural 3D modelling software we are able to present our new home designs or extensions in a unique interactive 3D virtual environment which enables exploration and viewing of a design in its true form. Blue Planet Design strives to provide a high quality professional service at a reasonable price. We have a reputation for quality design and documentation which is well regarded by clients, builders and consultants alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses a Building Designer?

Did you know that 75% of residential and 40% of commercial and industrial buildings are designed by Building Designers?

Builders, construction companies, mums and dads and even architect’s use building designers to design their buildings and prepare all the necessary working drawings and documentation required for council approval and construction.

What will a Building Designer do for me?

Building Designers design a building that is energy efficient, comfortable all year round, value for money and suitable for your specific needs taking into account your lifestyle, budget, site, potential resale and long term maintenance issues and costs.

Your Building Designer not only designs buildings, but also works with a team of other professionals to ensure that the foundation and structural elements of the building combine with the aesthetics to produce a building which will not only looks good but also last for many years to come.

The working drawings and other documentation required for building approval and construction are also prepared by your building designer.

Building Designer verses Architect?

Building Designers provide “buildable” practical, innovative and creative building solutions. In many cases, they can provide the same service provided by architects.

Builders generally regard Building Designers’ working drawings as more user friendly. In fact many Architects use Building Designers to produce their working drawings.

Why use a Building Designer?

Whether you are planning a new building, extensions, renovations or simply raising your house, a building designer can design your project to maximise it’s liveability without sacrificing its visual appeal and blowing your budget.

Building designers work with you to determine the most cost effective, user friendly, practical building solutions, that not only look good, but also meet your requirements.

Why the BDAQ?

The Building Designers’ Association of Queensland (BDAQ) is a dynamic, innovative, progressive group of professionals who are always looking for new products and opportunities to learn and keep up to date with the latest in building design, construction and materials. This means that your project will incorporate the very latest technology and meet all building code requirements.

How much does design and documentation cost?

Note: Blue Planet Design generally charge less than than the “Typical Fee Schedule” published by the Building Designers Association of Queensland Inc. Please feel free to contact Blue Planet Design to discuss your future building project or arrange an initial consultation.

Download the “Typical fees charged by building designers” published by the Building Designers Association of Queensland Inc

The fees shown in these charts are not recommended fees or fees which building design practices could be expected to charge for your project. They are simply an average of fees over a range of projects by a range of building design practices surveyed during 2008.

In reality every project is different and every practice has its own fee policy. These schedules are provided as a guide to assist members of the public to plan for the design and documentation of their projects.

What is QBCC Insurance?

When you use a QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) licensed contractor for the construction of a new home or alterations and additions to an existing home, you are protected under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme. The Scheme provides protection against defective construction work, non-compliance of work covered by a contract, and subsidence or settlement of a building constructed under a contract in Queensland.

QBCC insurance is paid to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, by the builder when undertaking work exceeding a value of $3,300. The “Confirmation of Insurance” document needs to be forwarded to your building certifier before your building approval can be issued.

For more information on the Queensland Home Warranty Insurance Scheme visit:

What is QLeave?

The Queensland Government provides portable long service leave benefits for the building and construction industry. QLeave is the trading name for the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Authority, administered by QLeave. Portable long service leave is the paid leave given to workers for service to the building and construction industry rather than continuous service to one employer.

QLeave levy is collected on all building and construction work in Queensland where the total cost of the work, whether direct or indirect, is $80,000 or more inclusive of GST. QLeave is usually paid by the project owner and must be paid prior to issue of your building approval. The Levy can be paid at any Australia Post office or agency, or directly to QLeave.

For more information on QLeave visit:

When is a siting variation required?

A siting variation is required when a building or structure needs to be built within the boundary setbacks defined under the building laws. Siting variations are also known as boundary relaxations or building relaxations.